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The Maxwell Family
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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Why I Still Would Run

I'm still exploring a run for Congress even though another challenger has announced his candidacy. Competing against another challenger and a 16-year incumbent, I would have to pull a Jean Stothert and blow away the field.

I've been asked, and the question has been asked in the media, whether I am still exploring a run for Congress. The answer is yes.

Conventional wisdom said three conservative Republicans would ruin it for each other in the 2013 Omaha mayoral primary election. Two must stand down, conventional wisdom said, and allow one challenger to go forward.

Mayor Stothert -- Mayor Stothert -- demolished conventional wisdom, separated herself from the pack, put everyone including the incumbent in the rear view mirror, and won a stunning victory.

In the 2nd district congressional race, the new challenger in the Republican primary is a good man, but he is not proposing anything concrete to fix the nation’s fiscal crisis. I would run because no one else (including on the Democratic side) is proposing anything solid. The Republican incumbent and challenger speak in generalities about trying to work with and accommodate the range of interests on Capitol Hill. I would be the only voice calling for specific changes that would fix the crisis, and a national effort to get enough like-minded people in Congress to accomplish the task.

If you want more detail, click here for my book, Fix It Now: Rediscover the Constitution & Get America Out of Its Fiscal Death Spiral. Or click here for the Kindle version.

The book project is separate from the campaign, but I call your attention to the fact that most politicians hide their cards (or have no cards) and try to make noise without saying anything specific for which they can be held accountable. I’m not hiding my cards. I’m sharing them with you. I have produced 200 pages and 50,000 words of accountability, a plan of action that you can hold in your hand and use to hold me accountable.

So yes, I'm still very seriously exploring a run for Congress.


OmaSteak said...

Keep exploring Chip but be realistic in your decision making process. You are going to need to raise at least $500,000 to have a shot and you will lose your radio show and likely your job too. Terry is going to have plenty of money and won't be afraid to get down and dirty in the primary...something you've never demonstrated the desire or ability to do. What little support you are likely to garner will divide the primary vote almost ensuring Terry wins. Unless and until you are willing and able to "play for blood", the upside to running is limited and the downside is huge. BTW, your "press release" announcing the exploration already cost you potential support since you couldn't resist speaking about your potential opponent in complimentary terms...who advised you that was a good idea???

tony staup said...

I agree with OmaSteak. Chip, you might be too nice of a person, and you do tell the truth. Gee, what a novel concept.
Is it possible to get Frei or Terry to subscribe to your timed "no more raised debt limit" concept? I belive you are correct saying either raise taxes or cut spending. You cant just keep getting new credit cards. It is almost like kiting. As with kiting, sooner or later you have to pay the balance or go to jail.

I would be interested to know on what political views you differ with Frei and Terry.

If the three of you could agree on common grounds it would be more advantageous to have Lee in office. He has been able to develop some senority and if you or Dan were elected you would have to start all over.

Lee's gaffe may have been a wake up call to him. If you guys could reach common grounds, your 'raise no more concept" would be a great plank in the Rep party for Lee to champion, and easy to sell as long as it is properly presented.

However, if you can get the funding, run. You will be the best choice, just be ready to play hardball.