The Maxwell Family

The Maxwell Family
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Monday, January 06, 2014

KETV Channel 7 Story on Chip's Book

In case you missed it, this aired Christmas Eve.  I need space. I need space. I need space. Click here to buy.

One slight tweak. The video story says I would use book sales "to fund a campaign." The text of the online story says: "The profits for the book, he said, will be used for his campaign."

Federal regulations prohibit using profits from a private sector transaction such as the sale of my book for a campaign. There is no financial connection between book sales and a possible campaign account.

The correlation is that selling enough books provides the extra savings I would need to live on during what would be an 18-month campaign requiring a full-time commitment. As a candidate I would seek campaign contributions to pay for mailings and ads and so forth, but none of that would come from book sales. Every penny from book sales would go to the family budget.

Click here to buy. If that website gives you trouble, click here here to buy it through the main website. Also feel free to contact me at or 402-552-0770.

1 comment:

Tony Staup said...

I have read the book and it is excellent. Good history and good thought process. Some things I slightly disagree with but for the most part an excellent read. Chip is a solid thinker.